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The Pro-Choice Left is a Lot Like Christopher Columbus

And now, for Early Morning Shower Thoughts That Will Piss All Sorts of Different People Off:
The majority of the pro-choice left is a lot like Christopher Columbus.
They’ve arrived at a really cool new place…! That isn’t actually all that new because entire populations of ethicists have been residing there for quite some time.
They also seem to believe they’ve arrived at some place called Absolute Moral Superiority, despite the local population insisting that if such a place exists, someone REALLY screwed up on navigation, and they must have fallen shot of their target destination by a few thousand miles, because this place is actually We’re Pretty Confident We Have It Right And Here’s Why. 
Now, the ethicists of We’re Pretty Confident We Have It Right And Here’s Why have been very excited by the new arrival of the pro-choice left, and eager to share local resources like arguments, rationales, well crafted metaphors, and even teach them how to practice respectful discourse. But the pro-choice left seems only partially interested in these things, and are much more intrigued by the prospect of exploiting and polluting the local land for their own means, reducing robust arguments and rationales to dangerously unsustainable humorous little anecdotal aphorisms they can share with each other and giggle over, content with having arrived at Absolute Moral Superiority. 
As it turns out, the pro-choice left isn’t actually even all that convinced of the inherent worth of the practices of the native ethicists. They come from a long and established culture of science and scientific reasoning that’s produced astounding accomplishments and feats, and so to them, through the lens of cultural superiority, they see the native ethicists interest in working through the issues in a lengthy and robust manner as quaint, archaic, and perhaps even dismiss the ethicists as being uncultured savages. In their minds, there’s no reason to trade and share arguments when science and scientists can arbitrate everything flawlessly. 
Now that I’ve beaten that extended metaphor to death, I should take a moment to say I hope no one interprets this as trivializing the barbarity and genocide carried out by early American settlers against Native American populations. Next to slavery and the Japanese internment camps, that has to be the darkest and most bleakly unredeemable part of American history. This was just a silly extended metaphor to humorously vent my frustration with the overly simplistic treatment of a very complex issue at the hands of the majority of pro-choice activists, pieced together at 6:30 in the morning while in the shower chuckling to myself. 

Have a nice day, and do rhetoric a favor and don’t oversimplify the issues you care about. 


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