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Explanations: You probably need one

You, only with less lightening, and less omnipresence and omnipotence

So, here we are then. Or here you are then. I mean this post will probably be sitting here for a few months before anyone sees it, so really I should be welcoming you.

I figured for the first post to this sad, sad attempt at a blog, I should probably try to explain the purpose of this silly thing, and highlight my goals for posting, in the off chance that anyone gives a fuck.

So let’s get down to business. Here’s the first goal:

1. I aim to make you laugh

“-_- good fucking luck” you might be thinking, “You certainly haven’t done it yet, I don’t think you’re funny, and you should pretty much go die in a hole.” While all that may be true, I’m still going to make a pathetic attempt at including the occasional bit of dry humor in here. Yes, I know, everywhere else on the internet tries to make you laugh too, and 90% of the web is funnier than I am. But look, I might as well try anyway, otherwise no one would ever show back up after reading this ridiculous thing. But, what I’m hoping makes this blog different from most others, is the following second goal.

2. I aim to make you think.

” 0_0 le gasp!” you may be thinking, “I don’t want to think! I’ve come to the internet for kittens, stupid youtube videos, mindless facebook scrolling, and teh pron!” Well tough shit. Do I do all the same things with the internet? Of course, I’m well aware of my hypocrisy thank you. But as far as I’m concerned, a little teensy weensy bit of intellectual activity every once in a while might not be so bad, yeah?

So what I’m hoping to do, is present interesting social issues from various perspectives to make you think about what you believe and why you believe it. Do I give a fuck if you agree with my opinion? No. Do I give a fuck if you hate my guts and think I’ll burn in eternal hellfire for what I believe? No. What I do care about, is making people ACTUALLY THINK about why they believe what they do. I don’t care if I change your opinions, I just want you to examine the way things are in our world today, and why you’re okay with the way they are or why you aren’t.

I may not even present opinions that are my own. If I hear an interesting argument from some other source, I may go ahead and try to defend the point to see if anyone else can argue against it. I want you to comment and leave your thoughts and tell me why I’m (not really necessarily me, but the argument presented) is totally off base.

So yeah, that’s about it. Sorry this one wasn’t terribly funny, maybe there exists a possibility that sometime in the future (assuming this stupid blog lasts more than a few weeks) one of these posts will actually be funny.

By the way, obviously feel free to leave comments, questions, suggestions on topics or other content, arguments, rude comments, stupid comments, ad hominem attacks, and herps so hard you derp.


About forthesakeofdebate

I enjoy intellectual discussion and learning, metal music, martial arts, and blades. Pretty soon I'll be your favorite misanthrope.

2 responses to “Explanations: You probably need one

  1. Fuck yeah, I’m gonna bifurcate and equivocate so hard, you’re gonna stare at your screen in wonderment.

    Seriously though, sounds interesting. Good luck.

  2. Informal Logic: It’s what’s for dinner! Thanks for the support though. I plan on actually getting some material up here tomorrow, have plenty of ideas it’s just a matter of having time to write some shit.

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